International Symposium on Electrical and Computer Engineering (IS-ECE) International Symposium on Electrical and Computer Engineering (IS-ECE)

IS-ECE is the unique premier event for researchers, industry professionals, and academics interested in the latest developments in the emerging industrial convergence centered around the Electrical and Computer Engineering fields. More specifically, IS-ECE will address challenges with realizing ECE convergence over the various industrial sectors, including Biomedical Engineering, Circuits and Systems, Communications and Networks, Computational Intelligence, Computer Systems, Devices, Materials and Processing, Emerging Technologies, Internet of Things, Power and Energy, Robotics and Control Systems, Sensor Technologies and Applications, Signal and Image Processing.  The accepted and presented papers will be submitted for inclusion into IEEEXplore.

The IS-ECE in 18th QiR will bring opportunity for researchers, scientists, scholars, industry representatives, postdoctoral fellows, and students around the world to share their knowledge and research expertise. The topics of IS-ECE include, but is not limited to:

  1. Communications and Networks
  2. Power and energy
  3. Robotic and Control Systems
  4. Circuits and Systems


Prof. Karim Djemame
University of Leeds, United Kingdom

Prof. Jaap van Till
Supervisory Board of NDIX BV. The Netherlands & Germany Internet Exchange Network