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Societies require a global shift toward sustainable development and the improvement of living conditions on a local and global scale. Challenges such as health and demographic change, food security, quality education for all, secure and clean water, green and efficient energy sources, climate change, and secure communities need the engagement of the universities responding at global and local levels.

Universities that are involved in both national development and global challenges have the ability to generate advanced technology, create innovative products and processes, and provide services to the public, businesses, and organizations. Only through effective collaboration between governments and public agencies, universities and research centers, enterprises and NGOs can implement these advanced technologies. Universities are called to become a trigger for change, standing at the center of the discussion and moving toward action.

This QiR International Conference aims to be an international meeting to discuss the role of science and technology in the 21st century, with a special focus on human life and a sustainable environment. For this year, QiR will promote a theme entitled, “Navigating the Pathway to Achieve Net Zero Emission through Green Technologies and Policies”. Hence, the conference’s main objective is to open a worldwide discussion on the role of technology and policy in achieving Net Zero Emissions, especially in the context of Indonesia.

The event will also gather representatives from different countries and from diverse areas of knowledge and fields (education, research, public institutions, and organizations) to talk about the role of advanced technology in the world. The conference is devised as a space to exchange ideas and have discussions on the challenges that life and its environment face in the 21st century and the role that advanced technologies and policies play in meeting those challenges.

Furthermore, QiR 2023 will benefit the industry sector by establishing close contact between the two audiences. The attendees are mostly from various job and activity backgrounds; thus, there is great potential and opportunity for them to meet each other, sparking fruitful discussions and broadening business relationships.

Important Date

Conference Date October 23– 25 2023

Call for papers March 20, 2023
Deadline for Full Paper Submission June 20, 2023
Notification of Acceptance August 1, 2023
Deadline for Early Bird Registration August 15, 2023
Conference Date October 23-25, 2023


Prof Seeram Ramakrishna

National University of Singapore


Prof Niall Mac Dowell FIChemE FRSC

Imperial College London


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