About Conference / QiR 2017

Globalization today results in very competitive atmosphere in all aspects. This flourishing competition should consider the harmony and balance between human needs and the environment quality for creating favorable sustainable future. Taking part actively in that role. Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia proudly announces its 15th International Conference on Quality in Research (QiR) 2017. The main theme for this year conference is “Science, Technology and Innovation for Sustainable World”.

Under this theme the conference focuses on the innovative research and contribution in science and technology toward achieving sustainable world. In line with this theme, it is our utmost pleasure to hold the QiR 2017 in conjunction with International Conference in Saving Energy in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (ICSERA).

The QiR 2017 will bring together national and international academicians, researchers, executives, government, industrial and business officials, practitioners and leaders to present and discuss a vast range of engineering, architectural designs and community development based on green and smart technology. It is our hope and aim that this conference would be able to provide an international media for exchange of the  knowledge, experience and research as well as the review of progress and discussion on the state of the art and future trend of prospective collaboration and networking in broad field of science, technology and innovation.

Furthermore, QiR 2017 will also have benefit for industry sector, since it would create a close contact between and among the audiences. The audiences mostly come from different job and activities: therefore  this is a great potential and opportunity to meet each other, creating fruitful discussions and broaden business relationship.

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About Publication

  • Qir Conference Proceeding (ISSN: 1411 – 1284)
  • Selected papers will be invited to publish in the International Journal of Technology, IJTech (ISSN: 2086 – 9614), indexed in SCOPUS
  • Selected papers will be invited to publish in the Makara Journal of Technology Series (ISSN: 2355 – 2786)
  • Selected papers in the area of Electrical Engineering may be published in IEEE Xplore indexed in SCOPUS